Viajes al Extranjero


Originally hailing from the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania, Donald started his travels at the early age of fourteen when he spent the summer roofing in Sweden. From there he joined volunteer projects in Brazil, and spent a semester living in Salzburg, Austria traipsing around the European countryside when he wasn’t in class.

Ten years after his initial foray into the world of international adventure, he finally decided it was time to try living overseas. Giving up his job, apartment, car, and friends, he set off to teach English in Inner Mongolia, China. While he is quite proficient in the use of chopsticks, he failed to grasp the tonal intricacies of the Chinese language.

After his time in China, Donald moved to Portland, Oregon, a place he still calls home, if only in his heart. Portland was good to Donald; he mad a lot of friends and grew a lot. But despite all this he again grew restless, and after a decade followed his friend to Loveland, Colorado to try living at high altitude. The allure of the Rockies was strong, but not quite enough to keep him stationary. Two years later he was accepted as an auxiliare de conversación in Spain. This August he will depart for Madrid and whatever adventures await.

Donald likes stormy weather, getting lost in books, and sauerkraut on his hot dogs.