Viajes al Extranjero


I know I said I was going to give a tour of my apartment, but this is not it. Since this month is my “vacation” month between Spanish classes ending and beginning teaching in October, I decided to take the bus out to Segovia to visit my friend Lori. She’s also an auxiliar de conversaci贸n though she’s going into her sixth year. We were both too busy before now to get together, but it worked out for me to spend a few days with her and her boyfriend.

Segovia is a pretty neat little town just to the northwest of Madrid, only about an hour and change by bus. Or half an hour by train, though that does cost three times as much. It’s known for its Roman aqueducts which were made a UNESCO site in the 90s.

Devil statue taking a selfie

Legend has it that millennia ago a local tricked the devil into building the aqueduct in a single night. And this statue is of him taking a selfie of himself. It was only installed recently, but has been a rather popular tourist attraction as a result. Naturally I selfied with him.

Selfie within a selfie

Despite its charm, it’s still a rather small city so there’s not a whole lot to do beyond hanging out. That said, it’s been a great week of catching up and just enjoying ourselves before summer ends. Next week, I’m planning on joining them up in Gij贸n, which is on the northern coast of Spain, in between Galicia and Pa铆s Vasco. If that means anything 馃槈

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