Viajes al Extranjero

Amtrak Across America!

King Street Train Station

On 28 June 2019, I left Colorado where I had been living for the previous two years, and set off on a three-day car ride to Portland, Oregon to see friends and say good-bye. See Previous Post.

From there I took the train to Seattle to say goodbye to Bethany, another friend I went to college with. My best friend growing up, Holly, flew out from PA and met me at the Seattle Amtrak Station, and together we took a four-day/three-night sleeper car adventure across the country. There were some beautiful sights along the way, and for the first two days until we got to Chicago, we had an observation car to make use of.

We changed trains in Chicago and made our way to New York Penn Station, and thence to 30th Street Station in Philly. Our new cabin was a newer type of sleeper train, with windows on the upper level and much more spacious. One of the quirks of the train was that we had our own personal toilet… immediately adjacent to the seats. You can see me below looking through what I called the poop window. The blue fabric in the background is one of our seats. Very close quarters!